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“We have over 40 years’ experience in the waste recycling trade. All our sites are fully licensed, with the Environment Agency.”

Colin Riddle,
Managing Director, BWR

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The UK throws away a million tonnes of household electrical and electronic waste every year..

Non-household sources including offices, factories, hospitals, schools and industrial plants dispose a similar amount. This type of waste is the fastest growing sector of all, yet it is the least recycled. That is why the government introduced the WEEE directive, forcing producers to take responsibility for recycling these products.

We specialise in the removal of waste electrical equipment (WEEE) for recycling. This is conducted in accordance with EU and UK laws covering electrical and hazardous waste.
As one of the UK leading specialists in WEEE disposal and treatment, our sites have the ability to deal with the following WEEE directive categories:

1. Household appliances
2. IT and telecommunications equipment
3. Consumer goods including radios and hi-fi
4. Lighting equipment
5. Electrical and electronic tools (except for large industrial tools)
6. Toys, leisure and sports equipment
7. Medical devices (except for implanted and infected products)
8. Monitoring and control instruments
9. Automatic dispensers, including ATMs and vending machines

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